7 – 12 Program

Saint Francis School students are guided to become spiritual, respectful and confident individuals and self-directed learners who are capable of effective communication, independent thought and determined action. Our graduates have learned to view all others as children of God and that we are indeed responsible for ourselves and also for each other. They will take their places in religious and civil communities and, as citizens of a global community, will strive to create a world of peace and justice.

Saint Francis School Curriculum (7 – 12)

The Gospels English 7 World Studies
The Church English 8 American Goverment
Christian Morality English: Focus on Writing Ancient History
The Old Testament World Literature Medieval/Contemporary History
World Religions World Literature Honors Medieval/Contemporary History Honors
Church History American Literature Economics
Peace & Justice English Literature US History
Sacraments AP English Language & Composition AP US History
Christian Lifestyles AP English Lit and Composition AP US Government & Politics
SENIOR PROJECT: Correlated project which includes Religion, English, & Social Studies


 Life Science  Office Skills  Robotics  Pre-Algebra
 Physical Science  Tech 21  Pre Engineering I  Algebra I
 Physics  Graphics Design  Pre Engineering II  Algebra I Honors
 Biology  Video Production  Engineering Design  Geometry
 Biology Honors  Photo Journalism  Geometry Honors
 Chemistry  AP Computer Science Principles  Algebra II
 Chemistry Honors  Algebra II Honors
 Marine Science  Introduction to Statistics
 Human Anatomy & Physiology  Pre-Calculus
 AP Physics  Pre-Calculus Honors
 AP Biology  AP Calculus AB


Languages Fine Arts Physical Education/Sports
 American Sign Language (8—12)  Middle School Chorus PE I
 Mandarin Chinese (K –12)  High School Chorus PE II
 Japanese (K—12)  Middle School Band ILH Sports Program: Football, Track & Field, Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Cross Country, Paddling, Wrestling, and many more
 Spanish (K – 12)  High School Band
 AP Spanish Language  Art
 AP Art History
 AP Music Theory

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