K – 6 Progam

The K – 6 Program
The Elementary Program (Grades Kindergarten through six) is designed to nourish students’ inherent joy of discovery and passion for learning, giving attention to the mastery of skills and concepts that are necessary for all future learning.

Integrated Curriculum
In an integrated curriculum, content from various disciplines, such as language arts, math, science, or social studies, is integrated through themes, projects, plays, and other learning experiences. By integrating curriculum, students develop an understanding of concepts and make connections across disciplines. A topic of study serves as a guideline, or umbrella, under which different developmental and content areas are integrated.

Students approach the various subject areas through inquiry. Religion, literacy, math, science and social studies all work together to link back to the students’ inquisitive nature. As we help them build the essential base for a life-long learner, we focus heavily on literacy and math skills. The skills of communicating through the written and spoken word as well as the skill to question and work methodically through problems empower our students to advance in all subject areas.

Foreign Languages
Saint Francis students are “global citizens who value the multi-cultural differences of our world“ and the study of a foreign language enhances this truth. Chinese, Japanese and Spanish are offered from kindergarten to graduation. Once at the high school level, students may opt to study another language including American Sign Language or continue in Chinese, Japanese or Spanish.

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