Middle School

The Middle School Program

The Elementary Program (K-6) is designed to build upon the educational and social foundations that have been established at the elementary school. We strive to continue to spark the joy of discovery and passion for learning, giving attention to the mastery of skills while establishing that the individual becomes the captain of their own learning ships.

Integrated Curriculum

At the middle school (7-8) the integrated curriculum, specifically focuses on building links in language arts, social studies and religion. By integrating curriculum, students develop an understanding of concepts and make connections across disciplines. A topic of study serves as a guideline, or umbrella, under which different developmental and content areas are integrated. Students will also be building their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) connections through the ability of the science and math teachers working in conjunction with one another as well as the opportunity to become involved with robotics.

The Middle Learner

A strong staff has come together to specifically establish a school dedicated to the middle learner. The school focuses that these students are unique, not “little kids “ anymore, but not quite the “more matured “ high school learner. A number of activities remains important, but broadening the audience and scope while continuing to have a strong support system is vital for the development of this student. The staff is dedicated to bridging the gap between the lower and upper schools, to providing high quality, focused and relevant information so that the students will be self-motivated and self-directed as they move forward in education.

Foreign Languages

Saint Francis students are “global citizens who value the multi-cultural differences of our world “ and the study of a foreign language enhances this truth. Chinese, Japanese and Spanish are offered from kindergarten to graduation. In the middle school, students will choose one of these languages to continue (or begin) their study of another culture in depth with the ability to have a total of 7 years of this language by the time the student is a graduate of Saint Francis High School.

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