Letter from the President


Dear Alumni:

I represent each and every one of you. Our Alumni is as strong as your commitment to make it a continual active part of your lives, because it has served each of us to achieve a foundation to life. Each class that graduates needs to have two classmates that are the navigators, role models and examples of a true Franciscan, open to continual communication.

With this in mind, as your New Alumni President, I challenge each class to participate and be the navigators of their class in representing and participating in making our Alumni a strong and fruitful one. Join me your President and Board of Directors as leaders in maintaining a purpose and mission to our wonderful alma mater. We need to be a cohesive TEAM to strive to financially keep our school solvent and maintain the scholarship program.

We can do it! Please contact me with your ideas and suggestions. We need your help. Our Alumni Board will be successful when we all work together to complete our goal.

Imua Alumni! Eager to hear from you.

God Bless,

Carol Hosino Caspillo ’61